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Can teeth straightening relieve my oral discomfort?

Can teeth straightening relieve my oral discomfort?

Correction of imperfections in the orientation of your jaws and teeth is the practise of orthodontics. A variety of irregularities to your teeth and jaws can cause you to suffer from discomfort and pain in the mouth. There is no need to suffer when we have excellent professionals ready and able to attend to you and who can alleviate your teeth and jaw troubles. Our team prides themselves on their established and successful record of helping patients like you to be able to enjoy smiling, eating and drinking without discomfort. Our competent team led by orthodontist Mary Lo have been straightening teeth and attending to an complete array of oral problems for twenty-five years. The experience gained over this period of time is why we can offer our personal services regarding teeth straightening Marylebone.

What we offer you

Dental irregularities can be caused by thumb sucking, accident or may be inherited, as a patient of ours you will enjoy the benefit of our years of experience dedicated to teeth straightening Marylebone. We have stayed up to date with the numerous and varied advances made in technology and techniques over the past decades. These advances enable us to make a 3D image of your entire mouth which allows us to highlight the problem areas. Using this same technology we can also demonstrate to you how your teeth and jaw will look after the appropriate treatment. It is also important however that you realise that treatment to straighten your teeth does not only have cosmetic benefits, but is also beneficial to your health. Your speech and chewing will improve, resulting in alleviating any stomach ailments you may suffer from by not being able to chew your food properly.

What is the process?

Here, with our orthodontist in London, during your consultation we discuss and demonstrate the most suitable appliance to rectify your problems. Making a decision on which straightening system is best suited to your condition in itself is a journey requiring expert advice from our orthodontist. To get to this stage we will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth to determine if braces are the most suitable form of treatment. A 3D image and X-rays are used to allow us to determine the health of your tooth foundations and to assess the angles of your tooth roots. We will also make digital images of your face to estimate if there has been any misalignment. We will then ask a variety of questions to get an impression of your lifestyle which is particularly important. If you play contact sports, play some sort of musical instrument requiring the use of your mouth or if you suffer from any gag reflexes. All this information is necessary for us to be able to offer treatment which is best suited to your particular needs.

Your bespoke treatment

Teeth straightening Marylebone is not a one-size-fits-all form of treatment and with her years of experience our orthodontist Mary Lo knows and understands the importance of carefully designing the exact therapy that best suits you. After a very detailed explanation and discussion of the various braces and aligners that are available you will be able to make an informed decision and take the next step to achieving a confident smile with your straight teeth.