Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

Could braces in Marylebone work wonders for your smile?

Could braces in Marylebone work wonders for your smile?

Mary who?

We aim to ensure that each of our unique patients receives the best possible dental and orthodontic care possible. Mary Lo is one of the most highly respected orthodontists in the country, making sure each patient gets the time and devotion they need to achieve the best possible outcome. Anyone who is looking for a braces in Marylebone ought to arrange a consultation with Mary Lo at the next convenient time.

Who is Mary Lo?

As mentioned, Mary Lo is one of the most highly revered and respected orthodontists in her field. Alongside running her own private clinic in W1, Mary Lo is a consultant orthodontist at the Chelsea and Westminster hospital and has over 25 years of first hand in-the-field dental and orthodontic experience. It is Mary Lo’s aim to provide all of her patient's with bespoke, tailored dental and orthodontic treatment within an attractive and comfortable surrounding in which patients can feel fully relaxed.

Patients from all across the country - and indeed the world - travel to Mary Lo’s clinic as she has a reputation for providing top orthodontic work, and works closely alongside the oral and craniofacial surgeons within the Chelsea and Westminster hospital, so patients know they will have a world of experience and expertise at their service when seeking treatment through Mary Lo. The main emphasis of Mary Lo’s treatment is around cosmetic as well as conventional orthodontics, and she has a keen passion for treating complex facial deformities and obstructive sleep apnea. Mary Lo herself likens what she does to putting together a puzzle. Each patient, she believes, has a unique set of features - such as tooth shape and size, jaw structure and tooth count - and she uses the tools at her expansive disposal to put together the unique puzzle shapes of each patient's smile. She is also accredited for the use of cosmetic ‘discrete’ orthodontics, such as the WIN lingual braces system and Incognito Lingual Brackets.

What are discrete orthodontics?

Those who are unaware of cosmetic orthodontics - or ‘discrete’ orthodontics - may believe that the only option available to them when seeking out orthodontic help is to get metallic, traditional fused braces. However, this is far from the case, as patients can now choose from a wide range of cosmetic treatments which have been designed to be far less visible when worn. Lingual braces, which Mary Lo is efficient in and fully accredited to use, are one such treatment. Lingual braces feature fused brackets which are similar to conventional orthodontics, however, the defining characteristic of Lingual braces - and what fundamentally makes them a ‘discrete’ treatment - is that the braces are fused to the back of a patients teeth so they are invisible from the front. As you may imagine, installing lingual braces is far more complex than traditional braces, however, it is well within the capabilities of Mary Lo. If you have badly aligned teeth, and are looking to realign them without treatment affecting how you look, then make an appointment with us here at the Orthodontist and see all that Mary Lo could be doing for you.