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Fixed braces or removable braces with our orthodontist?

Fixed braces or removable braces with our orthodontist?

There are many different ways in which you can straighten your teeth depending on your unique dental requirements as well as your personal preferences.

Different braces work better for different orthodontic issues. Our orthodontist has extensive experience in correcting complex orthodontic issues and will be able to help you decide what the best type of braces are for you.

Traditional fixed braces

Most people are recommended to undergo orthodontic treatment as a teenager, and in this case, the best type of braces are often traditional metal braces that are used to correct a huge range of complex orthodontic issues. No smile is too difficult to fix with traditional metal braces. Some patients may require a tooth extraction to make more space in the mouth, however fixed metal braces alone should be able to improve the alignment of the teeth.

Fixed braces are made up of small brackets attached to each of your teeth and joined by a nitinol or stainless steel wire which is adjusted over time, exerting constant pressure on the teeth and jaws to change their position to create a better alignment and improve the overall appearance of your smile. Fixed metal braces can be used to straighten crooked and wonky teeth, overcrowded or protruding teeth, close minor gaps between teeth and correct bite disorders, including overbite, underbite and crossbite so that the upper and lower jaw fit together correctly. They are suitable for patients of all ages. Fixed braces are highly recommended by our orthodontist Marylebone for those with complex orthodontic issues, as they can align the teeth more effectively with the constant exertion of pressure on the teeth and jaw.

Removable braces

You can also find out about removable braces with our orthodontist Marylebone. However, these are more suitable for patients with mild or moderate orthodontic issues as the pressure is not constant; rather you can remove the braces and put them back in as necessary. This means that removable braces are very convenient. They allow you to eat and drink as normal and you can maintain excellent dental hygiene with removable braces which can be slightly more difficult when wearing traditional fixed braces.

With fixed braces, you are more likely to develop cavities, tooth decay or gum disease. Therefore you need to be very careful when brushing your teeth, making sure you spend extra time removing any bacteria or food particles which may get lodged between the brackets and wires. It is also important that you visit the dentist and hygienist to make sure that your teeth remain clean and healthy throughout the process. With removable braces you can maintain your dental hygiene as you did before beginning teeth straightening.

Removable braces have an average treatment time of 12 to 18 months because they are mainly used for mild or moderate orthodontic issues. With traditional braces, it is more likely to take 18 to 24 months, maybe longer, as traditional braces are used to deal with complex orthodontic issues. Whichever type of braces you choose to straighten your teeth with, it is important that you speak to your orthodontist Marylebone and make sure that you are making the right decision.