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Gain the teeth you want with teeth straightening Marylebone

Gain the teeth you want with teeth straightening Marylebone

If you are living with discomfort caused by having misaligned teeth, then you may have considered visiting a dentist to see if a treatment is available to you that would help you make a positive change in your life. It is well known that having crooked, protruding, or misaligned teeth can lead to someone not being able to obtain a high standard of oral hygiene due to the teeth being difficult to navigate with a toothbrush, this can then lead to the development of common dental issues that may require dental treatment.

Many adults in the UK live with the thought that they are simply too old to receive tooth alignment treatment, which is simply incorrect, as modern treatments are no longer only aimed at treating older children who have misaligned teeth. If you are an adult living with teeth that make you feel uncomfortable then you may want to consider teeth straightening Marylebone.

Reduce the need for dental treatment

If you are struggling to maintain high standards within your oral health and hygiene you may want to use teeth straightening Marylebone to align your teeth to make it easier to navigate around the mouth and improve the standard of cleaning your teeth receive. This will in turn mean that you should require less dental treatment as issues such as gum disease, plaque build-up, and tooth decay should become issues of the past.

Build strength into your bite

You may find that you feel like you are experiencing a sensation of weakness when you are trying to eat food, this can make it difficult for you to bite, tear, or chew some foods that you really want to enjoy. Having your teeth aligned can help to build strength into your bite, which will help you to form a better grip with your teeth and helps you carry out the basic tasks needed to consume food with your teeth.

Treatment in the modern era

If you are an adult that was offered treatment in their teen years but decided not to engage with it for fear of how your teeth will look during treatment, then you need not be concerned at all. Modern treatments have been developed to address the barriers that patients feel stop them from receiving treatment.

There are now various aligners available that have been designed to hide in plain sight, making them practically invisible to the eyes of others around you. Now you can receive the treatment you feel you need without worrying about what other people think, as they will not be able to see any aligner you are being treated with.

Book a consultation

If you are considering teeth straightening Marylebone then you should contact our practice to book a consultation so we can examine your teeth and gums, this will then allow us to have a full understanding of your needs. We will then take you through all the options we feel are available to you and answer any questions you may have before going ahead with your treatment.

Remember, you are at the heart of your treatment, and you make the final decision about any treatment you receive.