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How braces can help you protect your health

How braces can help you protect your health

It is normal for people to expect improvements in dental appearance by wearing braces Marylebone but did you know that, in fact, orthodontic treatment can offer a whole lot more for your health?

At Orthodontist London, we understand the urgent need for proper tooth alignment to promote good oral health. Good oral health, in turn, is also a prerequisite for optimal physical health.  It is in taking consideration of the impact braces Marylebone can have on both dental and physical health that orthodontic treatment can be life-transforming and life-sustaining. Orthodontic care has a direct influence over the quality of life you live.

Patients with misaligned teeth, bad bites or who have difficulties in maintaining good oral hygiene can benefit enormously from wearing braces Marylebone. In this post, we take a look at the many ways opting to wear braces can help improve dental health and overall wellbeing.

Top reasons to choose braces

The problem with a misaligned or overcrowded dental arch is a lot more serious than just ruining the appearance of a smile. These undesirable oral situations can make it extremely difficult to keep teeth clean and oral hygiene under control. Toothbrush bristles and floss thread will struggle to get into hard-to-reach spaces in the mouth to get rid of bad bacteria and bits of food stuck in between teeth.

When control over good oral hygiene is lost, this opens up a whole host of problems that puts dental health at risk. The risk of dreaded dental diseases like chronic bad breath, cavities, tooth decay and gum disease all stem from poor oral hygiene control.

The simple process of straightening teeth to make maintaining oral hygiene easier can do wonders for oral health. Patients can save time, and money and the inconvenience of having to treat dental diseases that can easily be avoided with thorough oral hygiene practices.

Physical health is also rewarded when good dental health is achieved thanks to brace treatment. This is brought about in two ways.

Firstly, braces are a trusted method to correct bad bites. A person with a bad bite will find eating uncomfortable and painful. By not being able to bite and chew properly, the digestive process can be impeded which raises the risk of the person not receiving proper nutrients from the foods they eat. The lack of proper nutrition directly impacts the immune system, making the body too weak to fight illness.

Secondly, not improving oral hygiene also affects the physical body's health. The bad bacteria that cause dreaded dental diseases can also wreak havoc on life-supporting systems including the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. It may be hard to believe but studies have found bad bacteria in the blood vessels and arteries in the cardiovascular system.

Patients suffering from advanced forms of gum disease stand a higher chance of experiencing strokes, heart attacks and other cardiovascular complications. These patients are also at higher risk of inflammatory conditions like pneumonia, and bronchitis and exacerbated lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Whether you want to improve your smile or your oral health, our orthodontist at Orthodontist London will be able to figure out the right treatment plan for you. Give us a call today so we can find an appointment date convenient for you.