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How braces give your child's teeth a great start in life

How braces give your child's teeth a great start in life

It's no secret that braces are great for children, in some cases they can set your child up with a healthy, straight smile for the rest of their life. So for parents that might be on the fence about bringing in their children for a set of aligners, here are a few reasons as to why your children would benefit from braces from Mary Lo orthodontist in Marylebone and our team.

Why braces are important for younger patients

The reason why so many of us associate braces and children together is that when you're younger your body is still growing and changing, by guiding this development with a corrective brace we're able to ensure that your child has a healthy straight smile. Plus with our younger patients the turnaround time for this treatment tends to be a little shorter than if they were to try it as an adult, which is another nice benefit to take advantage of when you can.

Correct any crooked teeth before they get worse

One of the main reasons for seeing Mary Lo orthodontist in Marylebone about a brace for your children is to correct any crooked or misaligned teeth, before they get any worse. Although it may not seem like it, an out of joint tooth or two can have quite an impact on your oral health as you get older.

This is because as time goes on they can twist and move even more, creating small pockets for plaque, bacteria and tartar to form in that is much harder to get out. Then these missed germs can go on to create cavities in the teeth, infections in the gums or even put the bone around the teeth at risk. At Orthodontist London our talented team lead by Mary Lo will be able to provide your child with a healthy, straight and beautiful smile that should stand the test of time.

Strengthen and straighten your child's teeth

Another boon of a brace is that it can strengthen the teeth as it straightens them. This is because the brackets and wires tightly pull them together and as your child's teeth continue to change and grow they should form into a solid wall of enamel that any nasty plaque or bacteria is going to struggle to make a dent in.

Prevent the formation of issues with the bite

Another problem a brace could nip in the bud is a potential malformation of the bite into an over or under position. A misaligned bite can, over time, cause problems such as aches and pains when chewing, cracks, damage, flattening or loosening of the teeth, as well as wearing down the joint of the jawbone.

An aligner can be set in such a way that it gently pulls the gums into a natural strong biting position, to prevent any future issues from forming.

These are just a handful of the various positive influences a brace can have on our younger patients. For more information about how your child could benefit from a brace, then call our practice or book a consultation for your children through our website.