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How Mary Lo can help with orthodontics for children

How Mary Lo can help with orthodontics for children

Growing up is a different experience for everyone. After all, we all come from different and unique backgrounds, and spend our formative years learning different things and coming into contact with different people. If it weren’t for these years in our lives and the lasting impact they have on all of us, we might not be as unique and interesting as we are today. Yet despite the differences that we have in our respective childhoods, there are a few things that many of us will have in common from growing up. One memory that many people can recall from childhood is the first time that they ever went to see the dentist.

For many children this can be quite a frightening encounter, as they will be unsure about what exactly is happening and if their experience might be painful. This can be even more true if the child is needing to go through orthodontic treatment. Whilst a lot of the fear that a child (and even many adults!) may have is from the effects of society and the way that society portrays the dentist in modern media, a lot of this fear can be mitigated by choosing the right dentist and/or orthodontist.

In our case, the dentist we would like to highlight today is Mary Lo. She is a great choice for any patient’s dental needs, and particularly for a child who is just starting orthodontic treatment. But what does it actually mean for a child to have orthodontic treatment? And why should someone choose Mary Lo for teeth straightening in Marylebone specifically? We’ll take a deeper look at both of these questions in this article and give reassurance to any child or parent who is exploring orthodontics.

So who is Mary Lo exactly? Mary Lo is a highly respected consultant and specialist orthodontist. The respect she has comes from a number of sources, including her 25 years of experience in dentistry and orthodontics. Over this time, Mary Lo has developed an ethos to be the best in dental service and to provide optimal clinical outcomes through her treatments which combine art, science and integrity. What this means is that by taking your dental and orthodontic needs to Mary Lo orthodontist in Marylebone, you will receive the highest quality treatments from a specialist who puts the needs of each and every patient first.

Orthodontics for children

Whilst each child’s teeth has different, individual needs, it is always a good idea for children to have an assessment by an orthodontist by around age 7. This allows the orthodontist to detect early signs of problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth which could potentially lead to weaker and/or misaligned teeth in later life.

If an orthodontist does detect any problems with a child’s teeth, they may suggest immediate treatment. In other cases though, it may make more sense for the child to wait until their adult teeth have fully erupted and their roots have fully formed before beginning treatment.