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Invisalign cleaning tips

Invisalign cleaning tips

Going through a realignment is a fairly low stress and easy affair, as all you need to do is just wear the brace for as long as recommended by Mary Lo. Clear aligners, in many cases Invisalign, are a seamless way to enhance your smile. The length of each treatment can vary, however what doesn't vary is the need to keep your braces clean. Here is a guide on how to keep your braces in Marylebone clean

Brush the surface of the brace once a day

Starting our list of tips is one pretty simple piece of advice and that's to just give the brace a light, gentle brushing. We recommend that this is done at least once a day or every second day to make sure that any plaque, bacteria and bits of food left over from your meals are scoured out.

For those that are struggling with brushing their braces, Mary Lo can provide a range of tips and advice on the correct techniques for brushing a brace, as well as how you can better maintain it.

Regularly rinse it

Another simple tip Mary Lo would recommend is to give your clear aligners a light rinse under water whenever you take them out. Although you should avoid taking out your braces too often as you could interrupt your realignment, they can be momentarily popped out for cleaning your teeth, eating meals or for short breaks.

Each time you take them out you should always rinse them first before putting them back in your mouth. Doing this will clear off any dried in saliva, plaque or bacteria that could be covering the surface of the brace, after all the last thing you want is to put that nasty stuff back onto your teeth where it could cause some real damage.

Refrain from soaking the aligners

Soaking the brace in a sterile solution like Listerine or some other type of wash may seem like a good idea, but this can cause quite a bit of irreparable harm to your aligners. This is because the chemical content of some of these solutions can eat away or thin the plastic surface of the brace.

If you need to soak them then at least use cold water and only do so for a few minutes before rinsing them off and putting them back in your mouth. 

Store them in a cool dry place

Whenever you clean your braces you should always keep them in a cool dry place, ideally a hard bodied container provided by your dentist if possible. Doing so allows your braces to remain sterile from bacteria that might be lurking around your home, as well as keeps them safe from accidental knocks, damage or from becoming lost.

Schedule regular check-ups with Mary Lo

Coming in for appointments throughout your treatment will allow us to keep an eye on your progress, assess the general health of your brace as well as check to see if it needs replacing.

So if you're struggling to keep those aligners from looking nice and clean then we recommend that you make a few of the changes that have been recommended above. If you're still having problems with maintaining your Invisalign brace, then just get in touch with the practice for a chat and some helpful advice.