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Is now the right time for braces?

Is now the right time for braces?

We’re living in unprecedented times at the moment where socialising has been replaced by nights-in, and working from home has become the new normal.

Why not take this opportunity for self-improvement by having teeth straightening treatment with braces in Marylebone at Orthodontist London? We’ll discuss why now is a better time than any.

Less embarrassment linked to wearing braces

There has been an upward trend among grown-ups getting braces recently, which may be attributed to how we’re currently spending our time.

Those who are hesitant to straighten their teeth feel this way because of the aesthetics of orthodontic devices. We can understand why having metal affixed to one’s teeth isn’t ideal for everyone.

Having to stay home more than usual might put anxieties about how your teeth may look with braces to bed, considering you’re not in the public eye as much.

With that being said, modern-day orthodontics bear little resemblance to archetypal braces, and there are more options from which to choose.

Fixed devices boast sleek and sophisticated designs, consisting of low-key features like smaller metal and ceramic braces. Some varieties are made from plastic instead of metal to enhance the appearance of the device. Ask Mary Lo about your options.

In any case, whatever straightening appliance you choose, being housebound allows you to grow confidence and become familiar with your new look.

Adjust to the new device

Your teeth will need to adjust to your braces, a process that may take time. During recovery, you’re more than likely to experience degrees of discomfort and pain or be forced to eat jelly and soft foods.

Knowing you can heal at home and not in the office may be a comfort for some people.

More time dedicated to oral health

Being treated with braces in Marylebone leads to smiling with straighter teeth, an essential quality for many individuals. However, what’s not spoken about as often as it should is the role correctly aligned teeth have on oral health.

Properly correcting teeth takes months or years to achieve, and in that time, you’ll need to pay extra attention to cleaning your teeth. You’ll need to adjust your technique slightly, ensuring that you carefully clean around and under any wires to remove concealed food. Increase how often you clean your teeth, brushing after every meal or snack you consume.

You’ll find it easier to maintain dental hygiene working or studying from home with fewer disruptions, nor will you have to brush your teeth in a public bathroom, which might be an embarrassing or uncomfortable experience for some.

Eat without feeling self-conscious

We’ve all heard the horror stories of people unknowingly having spinach stuck in the wires throughout the day, with no one having the heart to inform them of their unfortunately positioned leftover food.

Although these food mishaps might occasionally still happen, these occurrences might not happen in such public spaces.

Besides hard and chewy foods that can break your wires, choose what you want to eat without fear of where it might land up in your brace.