Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

Let Mary Lo get your oral health back on track with teeth straightening in Marylebone

Let Mary Lo get your oral health back on track with teeth straightening in Marylebone

Straight to the point

At Orthodontist London, we recognise the importance and power that a smile has. As such, we have made it our primary goal to help each of our patients find their true, beautiful smile - by providing tailored, patient-orientated treatments which are designed to meet their every, unique need. One asset to our team here at Orthodontist London who really helps make this dream a reality is Mary Lo, an incredibly experienced and passionate dentist who provides teeth straightening in Marylebone. Mary Lo is a specialist orthodontist and consultant orthodontist who shares in our passion for creating beautiful smiles, and goes above and beyond what is required of a typical orthodontist to ensure that each of her patients gets the best possible results.

What can Mary Lo do?

Mary Lo not only operates within our practice at Orthodontist London. She also works as a consultant orthodontist at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, which means that she works closely alongside some of the hardest-working and best orthodontic specialists the country has to offer, on an almost daily basis. Mary Lo as an orthodontist in Marylebone is passionate about treating her patients individually and likens each set of obstacles that a patient presents with, to putting together a unique puzzle.

Every patient Mary Lo treats is viewed as an individual, who has their own unique set of desires and aspirations for their treatment, and Mary Lo will not settle for anything less than achieving these desires. Mary Lo is accredited to use a number of cosmetic orthodontic procedures, which can have a massively positive impact on both the smiles and the inner confidence of those who receive them.

Cosmetic orthodontic treatments, such as Invisalign or the lingual bracket system, have become massively popular over recent years, as an increasing number of adults are waking up to the cosmetic alternatives which are available to them, allowing them to straighten their smiles  without affecting how they look or are perceived during treatment.

What are Invisalign and lingual braces?

Invisalign is an alternative form of cosmetic orthodontics which aims to realign crooked or misaligned teeth, without the need to attach anything to them. Rather, a single, removable plastic retainer makes use of pressure points within its structure to apply force to the specific teeth which are required to be moved. Every Invisalign retainer is made uniquely for each patient, and as it is created from a mould or digital impression of their teeth, when worn over them, becomes almost entirely invisible.

Lingual braces, on the other hand, are somewhat more similar to conventional braces. They involve attaching brackets to each individual tooth and then applying tension to these brackets through a metallic wire. This tension eventually pulls the misaligned teeth closer together and leaves the patient with a cleaner, straighter smile. The main defining difference between lingual and traditional braces, however, is that lingual braces are fixed to the backs of a patient's teeth and are therefore invisible from the front. As you may expect, this takes considerable skill and dexterity - but it is something which falls perfectly within the capabilities of an expert such as Mary Lo.

These two options give Mary Lo discreet methods of providing teeth straightening in Marylebone.