Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

Let our orthodontist give you something to smile about

Let our orthodontist give you something to smile about

Getting things straight

Here, at Orthodontist London, we know that aligning your smile through treatments from our orthodontist Marleybone may have been the furthest thing from what you had in mind, as we all had to come to terms with the ‘new normal’ and adjust to the changes of a turbulent and unprecedented year.

Today, however, as life slowly emerges from the shadows, we advise all those who feel that their dental alignment may have drifted off-course over the lockdown or the months that followed to speak to one of our approachable and understanding orthodontic practitioners and find out what we can do to help.

What can our orthodontist Marylebone do for you?

Many people still think that all our orthodontist Marylebone does is install fixed metallic braces for reluctant teenagers. However, in reality, this is only a tiny part of a much wider field of dental care where several different treatments and approaches are taken to ensure that all our patients regardless of their age get the best possible treatments for their needs.

Alongside traditional metal braces, we also offer a range of alternative options engineered to leave little to no impact on how a patient looks. These treatments are referred to as cosmetic orthodontic treatments and come in a range of different forms.

To help streamline our process and make sure everyone gets the bespoke care and attention they need, we always try to start things off with a friendly, informative consultation. These give patients an excellent opportunity to describe in detail their motivations for seeking out orthodontic assistance, what aspects of their smile they are unhappy with and which treatments they are interested in.

If the patient is not very certain about the specific treatments they are interested in, we can go over all their available options in detail and explain how each may be suited to their needs. After completing these initial consultations, we will craft a tailored treatment plan, including a schedule and milestones, which the patient can then review and take home.

What sort of cosmetic orthodontics are available?

As mentioned, at Orthodontist London, we have a wide range of cosmetic alternatives to traditional braces, which gives patients the chance to align their smiles without standing in the way of their facial aesthetics.

One such treatment that we offer are lingual braces, which are similar to traditional metal braces, but with one key difference. Rather than being attached to the exterior of a patient’s teeth, lingual braces are bonded behind the teeth, hiding them out of sight from the front.

Another alternative cosmetic orthodontic procedure we regularly provide for our patients is the Invisalign system. This is unlike most other forms of orthodontics since nothing is ever attached anywhere within a patient's mouth. Rather the alignment process is carried out by a series of custom-made dental aligners that are built entirely from transparent and thin plastic. This feature makes it difficult for others to notice the aligner while it is being worn.