Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

Let our orthodontist Mary Lo in Marylebone realign your smile’s potential

Let our orthodontist Mary Lo in Marylebone realign your smile’s potential

Getting you back on track

Here at Orthodontist London, we’ve always strived to provide our patients with the highest possible standard of bespoke orthodontic care.

Over the years our orthodontist Mary Lo in Marylebone has worked tirelessly to make sure anyone who needs it can have access to a range of orthodontic procedures to suit their unique requirements.

Anyone who may feel their oral alignment or tooth shape has suffered as a consequence of the turbulence of the past years’ pandemic measures should contact our friendly and understanding team today and arrange to have a consultation.

Why should I seek out an orthodontist Mary Lo in Marylebone?

Having straight teeth has far more advantages than just making your smile look great.

When your teeth are crooked and out of place, there are far more gaps and spaces into which food particles can become lodged. Over time, if these particles aren’t removed when brushing (which is likely given their difficult-to-reach shapes and sizes) they can develop into plaque, tartar, or an abscess. This can even lead to gingivitis or periodontal disease, which can call for extensive dental treatments.

Having straight teeth is one of the best ways to avoid this and keep your gums healthy and strong. This is why we urge anybody who feels their teeth may be out-of-shape or crooked to speak with our orthodontist Mary Lo in Marylebone whenever they can. In doing so, you may be surprised about the number of treatments and options open to them.

What can London Orthodontist do for me?

At Orthodontist London it is our aim to give our patients their ideal smile, through a massive variety of orthodontic treatments including traditional metallic or ceramic braces. As well as more cosmetic treatment such as lingual braces or the Invisalign retainer system.

As we offer a variety of options to our patients at Orthodontist London, we’ve found the best approach is to begin things with a friendly consultation with one of our orthodontic practitioners.

The primary aim of this consultation is to listen to the patient’s needs and familiarise ourselves with what their ideal smile would look like. With this information, we can then explain the various treatment which we offer that would meet their needs.

What are lingual braces?

Over the years we’ve noticed a steady rise in the number of patients who are interested in cosmetic or discrete orthodontic alternatives such as lingual braces.

Lingual braces have actually existed since the late ’70s, but it is only in recent years that technology and science have excelled to the level that we provide patients here at Orthodontist London.

Fundamentally lingual braces are similar to conventional braces in that ceramic brackets are fixed to every tooth and pulled together with a tension wire.

However, the principal defining feature of lingual braces is that they are bonded to the interior of a patient’s teeth, making them totally invisible from the front. As lingual braces are fitted in this way, they require far more preparation and customization than traditional braces - but luckily our professional practitioners are more than capable of creating the custom-made braces to fit any patient who needs them.