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Moulding and refining your smile with braces Marylebone

Moulding and refining your smile with braces Marylebone

Why you might need help straightening your teeth.

Whilst we would all love to have the most stunning smile and teeth which are aligned in a neat row, our genetics and daily lives rarely keep our teeth in such an amazing condition. Whilst minor misalignment issues can be lived with and not affect your daily life, for those suffering from more severe alignment problems it can be something we want to or need to change. Luckily, braces Marylebone are there to work with your teeth and help mould a more streamlined smile.

A brace; what is it and how can it help?

A fixed brace, often referred to as “train tracks”, has small brackets which are bonded to the front of the teeth and joined together through a series of wires. The brace then gradually pulls the teeth into a new position over a period of time with adjustments being made during each dental check-up. Whilst this method is considered ‘traditional’ and has been around for some time, the effectiveness of the brace on moderate to severe cases has been significant.

The traditional braces Marylebone have, in the past, been considered unsightly due to their metal appearance, however, with modern advances within the dental industry, the cosmetic appearance of dental appliances has been considered and therefore further options of material and style are now available. The effectiveness of the treatment remains the same but the potential embarrassment of wearing the brace is no longer a problem. Clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires are there to work with you and help create the smile you want without any fuss.

Choosing the traditional method over the newer aligner methods.

As you begin to carry out research and discuss your options with your dental team you will soon discover that deciding on braces is like choosing a new pair of jeans. The fit needs to be snug around the entirety of your mouth whilst remaining appealing and being suited to your individual case. Whilst aligners are often the preferred choice due to their clear, subtle appearance, they are better suited to the milder cases of misalignment. The aligners are also easily removed by the patient and therefore easily forgotten, sometimes out of sight and out of mind. Whilst having a few hours without the aligner in place will not make a huge difference, if left out over night or longer, the impact on your progress can be significant. Removing this temptation can therefore suit certain individuals as the brace method can only be removed by the dental team.

Having a stricter regime as to when the brace is tightened and removed can help some patients stay on track and help them achieve the desired results in a specific amount of time without unnecessary delays on their progress.

Understanding which method is for you.

Whilst researching the different dental options out there can be extremely beneficial. The best way to discover which alignments processes will suit you best is to discuss the possibilities with your dental team during a consultation. Not only will their expertise and knowledge be of great assistance, but together as a team, you will be able to narrow down the possibilities and decide upon the best course of action together.