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Reasons why Mary Lo Marylebone is the best choice for your children’s teeth

Reasons why Mary Lo Marylebone is the best choice for your children’s teeth

The development of children’s teeth is critical, especially for those who are predisposed to crooked teeth or misaligned jaws.

We suggest that you find an orthodontist early to avoid a lifetime of your child not only feeling self-conscious about their bad teeth but also experiencing everyday discomfort.

An orthodontist for children can be challenging, considering the ever-present reality of offspring being afraid of visiting dentists and orthodontists alike.

Mary Lo Marylebone comes with a wealth of experience with little patients. Her friendly demeanour, together with her excellent service, will see to it that your child not only boasts perfect teeth but has a healthy relationship with dental practitioners across the board.

In this article, we’ll look at the qualities that Mary Lo Marylebone possesses as an excellent orthodontist for children and adults.

Highly personable and communicate well with children

Orthodontists aren’t just highly skilled specialists; they’re also people with empathy. Knowing that younger patients generally experience considerably more dental anxiety, an excellent orthodontist is friendly toward their patients by distracting them with small talk.

You may find that some dentists communicate well with adults but not with children. When researching for a local orthodontist, you must find someone who's child-friendly.

Mary Lo has time and patience for smaller patients. She customises her dental plans according to the needs of her patient whatever their age.

Additionally, listening to patients is a priority, especially when in pain or frightened.

Someone highly respected in the community

Do you know other parents in your neighbourhood whose children have orthodontic issues? Ask for their recommendations for an excellent tooth specialist.

Mary Lo is locally recognised and highly respected. Her 25 years of experience is a testament to that.

Her extensive experience, coupled with her willingness to adopt and embrace the latest advancements in dental technology makes her the best orthodontist for your child.

Has a good understanding of children's teeth

Good rapport with children is necessary, but the skills of your child's orthodontists must be exceptional, with an in-depth knowledge of the anatomy and development of children's teeth.

Our top orthodontist, Mary Lo is more than familiar with the structure of kids' mouths and can identify whether the condition of your kid's teeth has improved with specific orthodontic appliances, and what alternative corrective methods to employ for more complicated cases.

Sometimes, out-of-the-box thinking is required to find the right solution, even if these methods are somewhat unconventional. As we've mentioned, Mary Lo customises programs according to different patients, knowing that no two mouths, adult or child have the same orthodontic issues.  Artistic flair and creativity are used to repair even the most complex problems.

Has good reviews online

The proof is in the pudding, and any orthodontist or dental clinic must showcase their success stories online with before and after picture galleries, and well as testimonials from satisfied patients.

These reviews can generally be counted upon for being unbiased. Take a look at our positive patient feedback and make the decision for yourself.