Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

Take a look at the work of Mary Lo, an orthodontist in Marylebone

Take a look at the work of Mary Lo, an orthodontist in Marylebone

If you are considering receiving dental work from an orthodontist in Marylebone you may wish to take a look at her previous successful dental cases! Located on her accessible dental website Mary Lo displays a wide array of patient case studies that exemplify her impeccable standard of dentistry. Within the smile gallery Mary Lo provides a wide array of before and after photos showing her patients’ pre- and post-treatment smiles. These digital examples can not only place trust in her future patients that they are in safe hands but it can also help them decide on the right treatment for their unique dental case.

Gaining a second opinion of Mary Lo

When deciding on an orthodontic treatment many patients may be deliberating between a variety of dental healthcare professionals. Positive patient testimonials are therefore becoming invaluable within the modern field of dentistry and can be extremely useful for potential patients. Located on our website potential patients can look through a variety of reviews which are a credit to the excellent dental services Mary Lo provides, one example of which states that her approach was ‘caring’ in addition to producing ‘tremendous’ dental results.

How to find us

Located on our website we provide an exact geographical location using a modern google maps system. This (followed by our direct contact details) can ensure our services are accessible for everyone, however, Mary Lo’s work is not limited to one dental practice.

Mary Lo’s dental services are available at several locations

In addition to owning her own established practice on 44 Wimpole Street (where she boasts over twenty-five years’ worth of experience within the field of dentistry) she also works with a fantastic team of dental healthcare professionals as an orthodontic consultant at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

A tailor-made dental plan for your smile

In addition to the warm and friendly approach Mary Lo provides to every single one of her patients, she also adopts a patient-centred dental approach! This dental approach ensures that her patients are treated as unique, creating a tailor-made dental plan to ensure patients achieve the best possible results.

Are you suffering from misaligned teeth?

If you are an individual who is suffering from crooked, front protruding (also commonly referred to as an ‘overbite’ within the field of dentistry) or generally misaligned teeth, then you may be considering orthodontic braces. Mary Lo not only offers her patients more conventional orthodontic appliances (such as conventional fixed metal braces) but she is also an accredited provider of a wide array of aesthetic orthodontic treatments, one example of which are clear aligners.

A discreet orthodontic alternative

Invisalign is a popular brand provider of clear aligners and the brand Mary Lo provides at her clinic in London. Clear aligners are essentially transparent plastic trays that are replaced every few weeks to produce effective dental results. In addition to Invisalign, Mary Lo also offers lingual braces (these use a combination of metal wires and caps which are placed subtly behind the front of the teeth) in order to produce effective dental results.