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Taking a modern approach with lingual braces Marylebone

Taking a modern approach with lingual braces Marylebone

What is a lingual brace?

Whenever braces Marylebone come to mind, the thought of traditional metal brackets and wires fixed upon  the front of someone’s teeth is often the image that pops up in everybody’s minds. Now whilst these are still a popular method for tooth realignment, there are a variety of other options available to patients and some which are more inconspicuous than others.

This is where the lingual brace fits in.

A hidden brace which guides the teeth into a new position? How on earth can a brace be hidden? Well in the case of the Incognito lingual brace system, the brackets and wires which are small and fit perfectly to each tooth are actually placed on the back of the tooth, where your tongue sits. So no one except yourself and our dental team will know that you are undergoing treatment whilst you smile away at them.

Why this realignment solution might suit you

For those who are conscious of their appearance, which is most people, having a crooked smile can be embarrassing enough, but to have a visible brace in their mouth may be just too much. With photos being taken in a split second on our phones, or zoom meetings taking place throughout the day it can be all too easy to try and hide behind a mask, but there is no need. Our braces Marylebone can help gain you the smile you want without compromising your appearance.

There are a variety of clear aligners available on the market which are also considered to be inconspicuous. Whilst these are also an excellent method of straightening the teeth, for some the responsibility of changing the aligners at home and keeping on top of the 22-hours-a-day insertion can be a little too much. Whilst you are still in control with any treatment or procedure you decide to have, similarly to the traditional brace system, any changes with the lingual brace are to be made by our dental team which alleviates the pressure from you.

For musicians who play the flute or trumpet, or any instrument that presses against your lips, with a brace the ability to play can be altered and in some cases be uncomfortable. Whilst you can always get used to this, why should you when there are alternative solutions? With the lingual brace on the inside of the teeth, playing your music will be relatively easy and although a slight adjustment may be needed to get used to the brace, the discomfort should be non-existent as there will be no direct pressure on them.

If you are not a musician you may be a sports person who has to wear a mouth guard to protect your teeth and gums. When attempting to mould one over a brace it can be difficult, or with a retainer you would in most cases need to remove it, which then takes out time realigning the teeth. Therefore, having small brackets attached to the back of your teeth can prove beneficial and the hindrance be drastically reduced if not eliminated altogether.

With the variety of braces Marylebone available today it is important to chat with our dental team to get your teeth realigned should they need to be. No putting off due to fears of the effect on your appearance, as there are multiple ways to work around that whilst still receiving the treatment you need from us.