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The health benefits of teeth straightening

The health benefits of teeth straightening

Teeth straightening Marylebone will not only be aesthetically beneficial to you but also makes for easier brushing and flossing, which reduces the risks of gum disease and tooth cavities. If your teeth are misaligned, this will increase the risk of wear and tear to your teeth. Your digestion will also benefit because straighter teeth will allow you to chew your food more efficiently. Headaches are not uncommon as a result of the inability to bite down on your food correctly. Your jawbone could develop problems and even your speech can be affected.

Early detection in children

The need to detect whether teeth straightening Marylebone is necessary for children is essential, and we recommend that you bring your child in for an assessment when they are around 7 years of age. This allows us to conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine whether and when any treatment may be required. Allowing us to examine your child's mouth early means that we can also correct some bad habits that may have developed. One of the most common is sucking of the thumb, which can push the top teeth out resulting in them protruding and not lining up with the bottom teeth.

We can also ensure that jaw growth is properly guided so that jawbone problems do not manifest at a later age. Parents should be aware of certain signs that could indicate the requirement of orthodontic treatment. Some of those signs are breathing through the mouth instead of the nose and difficulty chewing food if your child’s upper and lower teeth do not meet when they close their mouth, resulting in either the top or bottom teeth protruding. If your child complains of pains in the jaw or their jaw looks out of proportion, all these signs should warn you to make an appointment to allow us to do an examination. The earlier we can treat any symptoms, the better it will be for your child's teeth, gums and jawbone.

Adults are also at risk

Unfortunately, many adults have not had the benefit of early dental assessments and have grown up with a dental misalignment problem. Modern science and technology have combined to allow us to offer these patients relief. Teeth straightening Marylebone treatments can now be offered to correct almost any misalignment condition in most age groups. The ingenuity of the profession in creating equipment and developing new skills and techniques have resulted in numerous solutions.

Different appliances available

Dental braces and aligners have come a long way from the original metal braces that were used many years ago. The latest versions are much smaller and more comfortable and effective. Some use metal blocks, wires and elastic bands, which fit onto the front of your teeth, and there are alternatives that are made from ceramic, using similar techniques, but closer in colour to your natural teeth. A less visible version fits behind your teeth and is more popular amongst adults. Clear aligners use a different technique and fit over your teeth like a gumshield; a series of these can be produced specifically for your condition, and each one needs to be worn for about three weeks before the next one. Each aligner has a slightly different orientation, which gradually moves your teeth into a straighter position.

You can have a confident smile

Our team at Orthodontist London has corrected thousands of misaligned teeth and jaws and takes pride in the fact that when a patient leaves our surgery after treatment, they can smile broadly with confidence.