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The orthodontist; what can they resolve and how?

The orthodontist; what can they resolve and how?

Teeth that are not in the correct position do not mesh well. Moving teeth from the current location to a better-meshing, correctly aligned and straighter position is the goal of our orthodontist Marylebone, and it is surprising how far they can be moved with persistent treatment.

Teeth are always in motion; it can be easy to forget this in our everyday life because the rate at which they move is relatively slow. And if you consistently apply a force in one direction, your teeth will respond by altering their positions. This is the foundation of all orthodontic treatment; with the use of an orthodontic tool, forces can be applied to the teeth to straighten, rotate or even push them further backwards or forwards in the jaw.

One of the great challenges for our orthodontist Marylebone is selecting the right orthodontic tool for a particular patient and their misalignment. There are lots of factors to consider; not only what the most efficient treatment would be but what matches their lifestyle and whether they have any other comorbid conditions.

Diagnosing the needs

What does the patient actually need? Or, in the case of cosmetic care, what are the patient’s goals? These questions guide all treatment schedules.

Tools of the trade

Most devices have a fixed and removable version. Removable versions tend to be more useful with adult patients whilst fixed devices are more suitable for children as it prevents unnecessary removal of devices.

The traditional metal braces

Traditional braces are probably the most famous orthodontic tool (and rightly so) as they are very common when it comes to treatment. They consist of a set of brackets, each one glued to the front of the tooth with an archwire joining them. They can not only close gaps but also rotate teeth and even pull them forwards.

Space maintainers

When a tooth is lost, the adjacent teeth usually have a habit of encroaching into the empty space. Often used on baby teeth to hold them back whilst an adult tooth comes through in the now vacant space, we may choose to use space maintainers.

Removable appliances

This is a bit of a catch-all term that includes everything from clear aligners to full headgear. Even lip and cheek bumpers, all of which can be removed at any time by the patient, have their own recommendations, usually concerning the wearing of the device when eating or carrying out some form of contact sport.

Splints and jaw repositioning positioning

Sometimes, realigning teeth involves altering the position of the entire jaw. In that case, there is a whole set of appliances that are available to make sure that your teeth are being taken care of.

Determining how much intervention is necessary is one of the skills of our orthodontist Marylebone. We will always provide a consultation period, and you must be clear about what your goals are as it makes a big difference in the procedures that are appropriate and effective. So come to us at Orthodontist London, and let us help you towards a straighter and happier smile.