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The treatments on offer from Mary Lo in Marylebone

The treatments on offer from Mary Lo in Marylebone

The human body is composed of many different parts. In order to stay healthy, it is important that we look after and take proper care of all of these parts. While all parts of the body are important in their own way, it is often easy to neglect one or two areas when thinking about ‘staying healthy.’ Indeed, people tend to think of their weight and/or muscle mass when thinking about what being healthy means.

Because of this, some of the smaller areas of the body such as the teeth, will often get forgotten about. For example, while many of us know about the importance of brushing our teeth twice a day and limiting our intake of sugary foods to help our mouths stay clean and healthy, many of us know less about the world of dental treatments, and how they can be used to improve our oral health.

For example, there are a good number of treatments available from Mary Lo which can really improve the strength of a patient’s teeth, one of which being braces in Marylebone. One of the major advantages of the treatments from Mary Lo is that they can help to cure and/or rectify dental issues that may come about even when a patient brushes their teeth regularly and has a good oral hygiene routine. To give us all a better idea about the nature of the dental treatments available from Mary Lo in Marylebone, we’ll take a look at some examples of them and see if they are the type of treatment that we’d like to have for ourselves.

Many people may have some fears or worries about going to see the dentist for dental treatments. For anybody who may feel like this at the moment, it is worth pointing out that Mary Lo is an expert orthodontist with over 25 years of experience. This means that she knows how to treat you and your teeth with the utmost care, and ensures that all of her treatments are tailored to her patients’ specific needs. By practicing an ethos based on art, science and integrity, Mary Lo is able to deliver optimal clinical outcomes.

Invisalign and retainers

Invisalign is a popular and modern treatment that is used to realign crooked or out of place teeth into a more favourable position. What makes this treatment so interesting and popular is that it uses a set of clear, practically invisible aligners to achieve its results. Each individual aligner in the set helps to shift the teeth over to a more favourable position, and they can easily be taken off for eating and drinking.

Retainers are used to prevent “orthodontic relapse.” This is the teeth’s natural tendency to move back into their original position after finishing a period of wearing braces. Retainers are usually applied quickly after a period of wearing braces in order to prevent this. They also come with an individual retention plan, which is tailored individually for each patient. The individual plan will usually consist of either retainers or fixed wires (and sometimes both).