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Top reasons to consult an orthodontist

Top reasons to consult an orthodontist

Is it worth consulting an orthodontist Marylebone? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’ if you have tooth misalignment issues, improper bite function, overcrowding or problems with jaw movement.

These issues are known to affect more than just oral health. They are also the cause of pain and discomfort that can prevent a person from carrying out their day-to-day responsibilities. Dental pain and discomfort can hinder eating, speech and sleep, not to mention thwart cognitive capabilities like focus and concentration.

In consulting with our orthodontist Marylebone, a patient may find suitable treatment options that can help them improve the quality of life they live.

At our Orthodontist London practice, we have a well-qualified orthodontist Marylebone passionate about how orthodontic treatment can make patients’ lives better. Read on to find the numerous ways our orthodontist can help you.

Significant reasons to see our orthodontist

The first reason to seek orthodontic treatment is to smile a straighter smile. An aligned smile is important for a number of reasons including improved confidence. The smile holds a powerful influence over the perceptions others hold of you. You are judged on how intelligent, compassionate, approachable or capable you are on how attractive your dental appearance is.

In addition to boosting confidence, a smile is also advantageous to mental wellbeing in another important way. The more you engage in smiling, the more the brain receives a notification to ramp up the production of good-feeling neurotransmitters. Feeling positive and joyful benefits mental wellbeing, and in turn, immune function too.

Orthodontic treatment is also necessary to correct misaligned jaws. Irregular bite issues are a result of jaws not coming together in a natural position. Bite function is particularly important for ensuring the body meets its nutritional needs.

The natural design of the dental arch makes it possible for food to be perfectly gnashed to make the digestion process efficient and nutrient absorption productive. When jaws do not come together properly, this can result in pain and discomfort for the patient.

As a result of this pain, the patient may avoid attempting to eat which increases the risk of malnutrition. To avoid the disastrous effects of this undesirable condition, patients with misaligned jaws are encouraged to seek treatment methods with us to correct this.

The most common reason to seek orthodontic treatment is to straighten teeth. But this is not only to straighten the appearance of a smile. There are a multitude of reasons to straighten crooked teeth.

Patients may not know this but straight teeth make maintaining good oral hygiene possible.. It is when the dental arch is misaligned or overcrowded that tooth brushing and flossing is made incredibly difficult. Jagged edges and awkward corners are ideal to keep trapped bits of food and bacteria out of reach of toothbrush bristles and floss thread.

Our dental practitioner may suggest orthodontic treatment to help improve a patient’s oral hygiene routine to prevent dental problems caused by uncontrolled bad bacteria from surfacing.

When it comes to quality orthodontic care and superior patient experience there is no better place to look than at our practice. Booking a consultation is simple. Our friendly front desk team will be happy to find an appointment date that suits you.