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Types of braces available from Mary Lo

Types of braces available from Mary Lo

There are many different types of smiles out there in the world. Some are big and warm, and others are more subtle and relaxed. Whilst an individual person can smile for a number of different reasons, there is a unifying feature behind most smiles that being that they are used to convey happiness in some way. As a smile is such a universal and natural symbol of displaying a person’s happiness to the world, it is important to make sure that a smile is well maintained and looked after.

In fact, not taking care of a smile can have serious consequences, and many people find that it can lead to their teeth not properly conveying their happiness and/or giving them a smile that they do not feel comfortable with. Of course, there are many ways that we are all aware of that can help to keep up our oral health. Things such as brushing teeth, flossing and keeping a close eye on the types of things that we eat and drink all fall under this category. However, no matter how well we care for our teeth on a day to day basis, it is still possible for teeth to become misaligned.

Whilst misaligned teeth can be a cause for concern, there is no need to panic, as there are a few different treatments available from Mary Lo that can help to shift teeth into more favourable positions. One of the most common treatments that Mary Lo offers is braces in Marylebone. In this article we’ll take a look at the different types of braces that Mary Lo offers and examine how they can help to realign a patient’s teeth.

Before looking at braces though, we should take a moment to acknowledge why Mary Lo is a great choice for your dental needs. Mary Lo is a highly experienced dentist, with over 25 years worth of experience. In addition to her experience, her dental studio in Marylebone is a friendly and inviting environment which helps her deliver specialist care to her patients. Add to this that Mary Lo is involved in dental teaching on an international level, and it is clear that Mary Lo is a very reliable choice for your dental needs.

Clear and ceramic braces

The main types of braces we’ll take a look at today are clear and ceramic braces. Both of these types of braces have the advantage of being less visible to the outside observer. Clear braces are less visible because they use clear brackets over the teeth, while ceramic braces are less visible because they are made out of tooth coloured materials. They are both very effective at straightening teeth over time in a way that is difficult for most people to notice.

There are also self-ligating ceramic braces. These are a type of ceramic braces that use a clip which holds the archwire of the braces in place. This eliminates the need for elastic ties. The two main advantages of this is that it allows teeth to move more freely and with less friction, and also that these types of braces tend to result in shorter treatment times.