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What are the benefits of teeth straightening?

What are the benefits of teeth straightening?

For those with crooked or overcrowded dental arches, teeth straightening Marylebone is considered an important part of achieving better oral health. Yes, there is much more to teeth straightening Marylebone than you might at first think.

Professional teeth straightening is aimed at not only improving the look of teeth, but also the way they come together to bite, chew and speak. Anyone looking to improve the appearance of their teeth with braces needs to have a consultation with our exceptionally qualified dental practitioner to determine the severity of their problem and discuss the most suitable orthodontic device to provide the most reliable results.

At Orthodontist London, we have built an enviable reputation for the quality of our teeth straightening Marylebone treatments. It is important to us that we find the right orthodontic treatment plan that meets the needs of the patient’s individual oral situation and goals.

In this post, we outline the key benefits to be had from teeth straightening treatments.

Why you should consider a teeth straightening treatment plan

The first reason to consider straightening your teeth is to achieve an aligned and aesthetically attractive smile. An aligned smile offers a huge boost to confidence levels which we all depend on to make the most of life’s opportunities, be it to get hired or find the perfect love match.

Apart from improving smile aesthetics for more confidence, the next major benefit of teeth straightening is that teeth are made easier to clean. Oral hygiene can be a frustrating experience when you have teeth that are misaligned or overcrowded and can’t manage to get the toothbrush into tight spaces.

Straightening teeth can make them more evenly spaced and in natural alignment, so that brushing and flossing is made more efficient. In keeping up with your oral hygiene, it is less likely that you will experience gum disease, cavities or tooth loss. In the long run, this means that your dental care costs will be kept low, as there will be no need for major dental intervention or teeth replacement costs.

Improper bite function due to misaligned jaws can also have serious implications for overall health. Upper and lower jaws that do not come together can create problems for bite and chew function. Proper bite and chew capabilities are necessary in order to grind food down before being swallowed.

Food needs to be in minute proportions to be digested easily and quickly and for nutrients to get to the organs that need them for proper function. Orthodontic treatment is a reliable method to correct the way jaws come together to relieve pain and discomfort when eating.

It may not be immediately apparent but in straightening your teeth, you could help yourself live longer. Better nourishment through improved masticatory function and enhanced oral hygiene management thanks to more beneficial brushing is good news for the body.

Research studies have found that bad oral bacteria resulting from poor oral hygiene can impact life-sustaining systems such as the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. These harmful pathogens find their way into blood vessels where they trigger blood clots and other undesirable consequences.

With the many modern orthodontic devices available, straightening teeth can be affordable. Why not start your journey to better oral health with a consultation with us at Orthodontist London?