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What is orthodontics?

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is an important field of dentistry which is involved in the alignment and straightening of teeth, using different methods which apply gentle force to your teeth to help move them to a desired position. The main aim of orthodontics is to provide healthier and straighter teeth. Braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment. Braces can be used for cosmetic purposes such as creating an attractive smile and also to help problems such as bite disorders and overcrowding of the mouth. Orthodontics can work as a preventive therapy as well by dealing with such issues so that home brushing and flossing techniques are more efficient. This reduces bacterial invasion of the teeth which can lead to many issues such as cavities and tooth decay, and also prevents further problems in the future such as periodontal diseases and tooth loss.

Braces in the treatment of bite disorders

Braces are important in the treatment of bite disorders known as an overbite, underbite and crossbite. It is important to visit your dentist regularly from childhood so that these issues can be detected early and therefore be easier to treat. Overbite, which is casually referred to as having ‘buck teeth’, is when the front top teeth are protruding in comparison to the lower teeth. Underbite is when the lower jaw is misaligned and therefore the lower teeth protrude in comparison to the top teeth and can cause issues such as jaw pain and clicking of the jaw. Crossbite is when the top and lower teeth do not align properly and if left untreated can result in serious complications such as gum recession, pain, grinding of the teeth and ultimately tooth loss. These issues are addressed by aligning the teeth properly using braces, and this can reduce the risk of damage to the protruding teeth and prevent further harm and more serious complications in the future. Our orthodontist works diligently to improve the dental health of all our patients, thereby improving their quality of life. It is important that if you are aware you may need orthodontic treatment you do not hesitate to contact our practice.

Metal braces in orthodontics

Conventional metal braces are widely used amongst children and teenagers and they consist of brackets and wires made out of metal which attach to your teeth. They are the most commonly used orthodontic treatment and have proven to be highly effective in straightening and aligning teeth. Conventional braces are made up of metal brackets which are glued onto your teeth using a bonding material and a piece of wire which connects the brackets to each other and helps pull your teeth towards one another. It also requires an elastic band known as ligature elastic which connects the wire and the bracket and needs tightening and changing at each appointment. The system works by placing a continuous pressure on each tooth which gradually moves them into their correct positions. Lingual braces are also made out of metal like conventional braces, however they are attached to the inside of the teeth so they are invisible from the outside and therefore they are an ideal alternative to conventional metal braces for those who need a significant rearrangement of their teeth, but may be worried about the aesthetics of conventional braces. Lingual braces are also effective, but they have a longer treatment period than conventional braces.

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