Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

What treatments are offered at Orthodontist London?

What treatments are offered at  Orthodontist London?

Who is Mary Lo?

Mary Lo likes to rebuild people’s smiles, and compares the challenge to putting the pieces of a puzzle together with bespoke and highly customised cosmetic orthodontic treatments that benefit her patients.

She’s a specialised consulting orthodontist who divides her time between our clinic, Orthodontist London, Chelsea and Wimpole Hospitals. She’s worked with some of our country’s top dental practitioners and is on hand to help you achieve your dream smile.

What approach does Mary Lo Orthodontist in Marylebone adopt with her patients?

You can expect top-notch orthodontic care personalised to your unique dental problems. Mary Lo understands individual concerns about attaining conventional braces and helps patients overcome these anxieties by offering various alternative straightening methods.

Besides her exemplary bedside manner and warm personality, Mary Lo is highly respected and experienced in her field. Her comprehensive list of achievements and involvement in her discipline speaks volumes about her passion for what she does and her outstanding capabilities.

Her 25 years of practising orthodontics have directly resulted in the creation of countless beautiful smiles and inner confidence boost. And that’s not all; Mary Lo is an educator to new, aspiring orthodontists striving for excellence.

When is it time to visit the Orthodontist?

There isn’t a set time for getting braces because it’s never too late to undergo treatment. That being said, children from seven years old are recommended to have an orthodontic assessment.

Seven might seem like a young age to potentially start orthodontic treatment but can prevent the occurrence of potentially harmful issues later like thumb sucking, incorrect jaw growth, trauma to the protruding front teeth and more.

Understanding that healthy rapport between children and their dental practitioners influence later relationships and the possibility of developing dental anxiety later, Mary Lo is an exceptionally friendly, patient, gentle and kind Orthodontist in Marylebone especially to her younger patients.

From conventional braces to untraditional straightening aids, Mary Lo isn’t limited in the treatment she offers to correct misalignments and malocclusions.

Metal braces are the most common type of fixed appliance people used to shift their pearly whites into the correct position using a consistent, gentle force applied to each tooth. This standard brace receives a bad wrap for aesthetics when it’s evolved and looks sleeker and more discreet than before.

Ceramic braces work similarly to regular braces, although the devices look slightly different. Where metal braces consist of metal brackets glued to the teeth with thin archwire interwoven between them, ceramic braces comprise tooth-coloured brackets that blend with the mouth instead. Braces made from the above materials are fitting for self-conscious patients concerned about their appearance wearing an orthodontic appliance.

Mary Lo also supplies Invisalign products, removable plastic aligners that realign teeth by applying a constant force. Invisalign is often described as one of the least fussy and most aesthetically pleasing straightening aids on the market currently.

Pressure points on your prescribed aligners, which are designed to fit the unique shape of your jaw, teeth and gums, move your teeth incrementally over time.

Contact our highly esteemed Orthodontist in Marylebone today about Invisalign Aligners.