Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

Why choose to receive dental care like braces in Marylebone?

Why choose to receive dental care like braces in Marylebone?

Finding the right dental clinic to receive your chosen dental treatment (whether this be standard routine dentistry, or even more advanced orthodontic or restorative dental care like braces in Marylebone) can be an extremely difficult decision for many individuals! With this tough choice in mind therefore, our dental clinic strives to stand out from the rest! Handpicking the very best team of dental specialists ensures our patients achieve their dream smile with ease, within the walls of a modern, comfortable, and clean dental surgery situated in the heart of Marylebone.

Catering for all of your dental needs, however big, or small they may be

If you are looking to stay on top of your oral health (or reach your dental goals through the use of more advanced dental treatments, such as orthodontic aesthetic procedures), then Mary Lo could be the perfect option for your unique dental case.

Mary Lo not only provides her patients with over twenty five years worth of experience within the field of dental care, however she also adopts an honest, friendly, and of course, a professional consultation approach to every individual she chooses to treat (both on a national and even on an international scale), which we believe speaks absolute volumes for the high standard of dentistry she provides to her patients.

Mary Lo offers her patients a wealth of experience, within a variety of dental fields

Many dental healthcare professionals may choose to specialise within one dental area. Despite this being the norm however, Mary Lo chooses to go the extra mile in regards to her specialisation and the surgeries she chooses to offer her treatment within. To expand in further detail therefore, Mary Lo not only acts as a consultant orthodontist at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, but she also maintains her own private practice on 44 Wimpole Street, situated in the heart of London. Mary Lo offers her patients with over twenty five years worth of dental experience. She not only provides a professional approach to every patient she works with, however she also offers specialist dental care, therefore tailoring every treatment she provides to her patients’ individual dental needs.

Surrounding herself with the best possible team of dental healthcare professionals

Mary Lo works extremely closely with a fantastic group of highly experienced oral and craniofacial surgeons at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London. Mary Lo not only provides her patients with a broad range of orthodontic treatments but she also offers individuals more conventional procedures whilst possessing a special interest within the field of complex facial deformity in addition to obstructive and therefore severe sleep apnoea.

Are Mary Lo’s dental services right for your smile?

If you are searching for a dental specialist with a wealth of experience within a variety of fields, in addition to an individual who teaches both on a national and international scale (whilst maintaining their own private practice situated in London) then Mary Lo could be the perfect choice of orthodontist for your unique case.