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Why you should consider teeth straightening treatments

Why you should consider teeth straightening treatments

Most patients are mainly concerned with the aesthetic benefits of teeth straightening Marylebone. While the look of a smile is undoubtedly a worthy consideration, it is also important to understand the full extent of the rewards concerning teeth straightening Marylebone.

At our Orthodontist London dental practice, we offer quality treatments in teeth straightening Marylebone to give patients the ability to project winning smiles with confidence.

Adult patients in particular may at first baulk at the idea of wearing braces or they may worry about financing their investment in tooth alignment treatments. Others may not be too keen on food restrictions being imposed for months on end. Fortunately, there is a range of orthodontic tools available in the dental industry to straighten teeth that can address these challenges and make teeth straightening treatment worthwhile.

We take a look at some of these reasons that point to just why our patients should consider straightening their teeth.

Major benefits to teeth straightening

One of the major benefits to teeth straightening is to protect oral health. Orthodontic problems like overcrowding and tooth misalignment frustrate the efforts of patients when cleaning their teeth. Floss thread and toothbrush bristles cannot reach awkward areas in the mouth to remove bits of food trapped there, leading to an imbalance in the oral microbiome.

It is when bad bacteria overtake the good in terms of numbers that dental problems begin to make an appearance. These problems include dental cavities and tooth decay, chronic bad breath and gum disease.

Straightening teeth to correct tooth alignment issues helps a patient take better control of their oral hygiene. They are able to clean their teeth more efficiently and minimise the development of avoidable oral health issues.

Straightening teeth corrects dental alignment which improves the appearance of a smile. A straight smile is a major source of boosting self-confidence. Not only this, but the more you smile, the more the brain pounds out happy-feeling neurotransmitters that are responsible for you feeling joyful and positive. This establishes the links between smiling and mental wellbeing.

Teeth-straightening treatments are also excellent for correcting bite function. How well you bite and chew food has a direct impact on digestion and nutrient absorption. The better food is pulverised into minute pieces, the easier will be the digestion process and improved nutrient absorption.

Improper bite function can also generate pain and discomfort for our patients. Certain teeth receive more than their fair share of bite force which can lead to excessive wear and tear. Braces can help correct an improper bite and provide relief from pain and discomfort.

In addition to biting and chewing, people also depend on proper tooth alignment for clear speech. Protruding teeth may interfere with the enunciation of certain sounds creating a distortion in speech. Problems with communicating clearly results in another factor that can easily drop confidence levels. We find teeth straightening can be used to great effect to improve speech patterns.

Could you benefit from straightening your teeth? The best way forward is to book a consultation with our highly experienced dental practitioner in London. Our front desk team can find a date and time convenient to you.