Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

Brighten up your life with an orthodontist in Marylebone

Brighten up your life with an orthodontist in Marylebone

Who we are

Orthodontics is one of the most important positively impactful branches of dentistry, and one which has the potential to completely turn a patient's life around in a number of different ways.

Our lead practitioner Mary Lo, an orthodontist in Marylebone, has over 25 years worth of first hand dental and orthodontic experience, and is also a highly accredited consultant orthodontist at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Mary Lo is a member of a number of esteemed medical societies such including the British Orthodontic Society and the Craniofacial Society for Great Britain and Ireland.

Putting your smile together

Additionally, Lo is accredited for the use of discreet orthodontics such as Lingual braces. A task which she approaches with care and individual consideration, as it is her belief that each treatment is an entirely unique puzzle that requires degrees of attention to detail. Every tooth shape is entirely unique, as such, providing the necessary treatment is also a unique process.

Anyone who is in need of lingual braces through Mary Lo should simply book themselves in for a consultation to begin setting the wheels of their unique treatment plan that is tailored around them, and them alone.

What are lingual braces?

Cosmetic orthodontic procedures are one of the most popular methods of treatment that Mary Lo carries out. Treatments of this sort are typically most widely sought after by young professionals and adults, being favoured over traditional fixed braces. While traditional braces may be an effective method of correcting misaligned teeth, adults and young professionals are often steered away from undergoing treatment due to how it might make them look.

Thankfully, however, through lingual braces such as the WIN Lingual system, which Mary Lo is accredited to install, this is no longer a concern. Lingual braces have actually existed since as early as the ’70s, although the design and comfortability of the treatment has developed massively since that time. The basic fundamental of the process is to operate through the same methods as traditional braces - in that brackets are attached to the front of a patient's teeth, before being connected with a metal wire to apply tension - although, they are fused to the inside of the patient's teeth. Therefore, the patient is able to align their teeth discreetly, as the brackets and wires are fixed to the inside of their teeth and thus obscured from the front by their teeth.

How do I go about getting treatment?

Anyone who has a crooked smile which they feel that lingual braces could potentially help, should waste no time contacting Mary Lo for a consultation. This lets the patient and Mary Lo familiarise themselves with each other, and lets the oral wellbeing of the patient to be determined.

As lingual braces are fixed to the interior of the patient's teeth, it is a far more complex procedure to construct the brace. If there are no obstacles which may interrupt treatment - such as gum disease - then extensive measurements and impressions will then be taken, from which the design of the patient's unique lingual brace will be formed.