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Do you know everything that braces in Marylebone could be doing for your smile?

Do you know everything that braces in Marylebone could be doing for your smile?

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At Orthodontist London it’s always been our main objective to provide patients with the most comprehensive and tailored orthodontic treatments in London.

Over the years our highly trained team of orthodontists have mastered all varieties of braces in Marylebone - ranging from traditional ceramic or metal braces to more cosmetically-orientated treatments such as Invisalign or Lingual braces.

Why do I need an orthodontist?

Here at Orthodontist London, we understand that many people’s oral health may have suffered during the recent national lockdown measures, as getting treatments like braces in Marylebone became more difficult than ever before.

Having crooked or misplaced teeth can impact your life in a massive variety of ways - both in a social sense and in regard to your oral and general health.

Those who have uneven teeth leave themselves far more likely to develop problems such as periodontal disease (or gum disease) as they have lots of spaces and hard-to-reach pockets in which plaque and bacteria can develop.

One of the main reasons that patients who live with crooked teeth refrain from seeking out braces in Marylebone from us here at Orthodontist London is their lack of understanding of the options that are available.

People still often think that the only way to straighten their smile is through conventional, fused metal braces. While we do regularly provide these highly effective braces here at Orthodontist London, we also offer cosmetic braces which are specifically engineered to have a menial impact on how patients look whilst undergoing treatment.

These sorts of orthodontics have becomes massively popular over the past few years - especially with teenagers and young professionals - as they provide patients with an ideal way to make a lasting structural change to their tooth shape, without drawing attention to themselves in the process.

What sort of cosmetic braces are available?

Whenever a patient chooses our practice for their orthodontic journey, we always tailor the service and treatments we provide them to their own specific needs. We offer two distinctly different types of cosmetic orthodontics - lingual braces, and the Invisalign retainer system.

Lingual braces are a cosmetic orthodontic treatment that achieves dental alignment through a similar method as conventional braces - by using brackets that are fixed to every tooth and connected with a plastic or metallic wire. Where Lingual braces differ however is that the brackets and wires are all attached to the interior of the patient’s mouth - making them totally unseen from the front.

Invisalign is another form of cosmetic orthodontics that we provide, which uses a completely different approach to crooked teeth.

Rather than attaching brackets to a patient's teeth, the Invisalign system consists purely of a removable plastic retainer. This retainer is custom made for the patient who wears it so that it fits tightly over their existing teeth, and uses deliberately positioned pressure points to force crooked teeth into place.

As every custom-made Invisalign retainer is made from transparent, thin plastic, when a patient wears it over their teeth it becomes almost totally invisible. If you’re interested in discovering whether or not treatments such as Invisalign or Lingual braces could help realign your dental future, then simply reach out to our approachable and understanding staff today and book a consultation.