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How to improve your dental appointment with Mary Lo orthodontist

How to improve your dental appointment with Mary Lo orthodontist

The best piece of advice we like patients to know is to prepare well for an upcoming dental appointment with Mary Lo, an orthodontist in Marylebone. This serves the interest of patients in a number of ways and ensures a patient gets the most out of a visit to Mary Lo. Like many other medical appointments, time is of the essence in a dental appointment, and the patient should remain focused on what is important to them to make certain they receive the full benefits from their scheduled time.

We have found that the best prepared patients are less anxious and stressed about their dental appointments.

Tips to make an orthodontic visit count

1. Arrive on time

Leave enough time to get to the orthodontic clinic before the appointment time. Arriving in a rushed state will only heighten any anxieties a patient might feel. Arriving early allows a patient to relax and if it is the first visit, become familiar with the layout of the orthodontic clinic.

2. Be open and honest

Often what gets in the way of a patient receiving the best possible dental care is not being open and honest with a dental practitioner. We have found that patients may not want to disclose certain bad habits or a medical condition for fear of how these may impact the treatment they want. Many times this approach is counterproductive as patients find out that results from treatments and procedures are compromised, and the patient may have lost time and money invested in the treatment. We always encourage patients to give us a full picture of their dental, and overall physical health as this will provide Mary Lo with all the relevant information necessary to find the ultimate dental solutions.

3. Have a list of questions or concerns

There is only so much that the skills of a dentist can do. What a patient does outside of the dentist’s chair is equally important to maintaining oral health. The dental appointment is the most favourable time to get questions answered, or receive clarification from a trusted source. If the dentist is patient enough to take the time to address concerns, this is a sign of a good dental practitioner.

4. Let the dentist know if you are experiencing discomfort

Each patient has a different tolerance level for pain and discomfort. An orthodontist may not know a patient is in pain unless the patient indicates this.

5. Ask for recommendations

If a particular dental product is not working well, a patient should ask for recommendations about brands that would be better suited. If a cleaning technique is not producing desired results, the dentist may know of an alternative method a patient can use.

6. Explore alternative options

The cost of dental procedures is a weighty consideration for many patients. It is worth asking the dentist to look into more cost effective solutions, or enquire about financing options available at the dental clinic.

Place your dental health in the capable hands of our dental practitioner. For an appointment, simply call us for a suitable time and date.