Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

Is it time you sought out teeth straightening in Marylebone to help you?

Is it time you sought out teeth straightening in Marylebone to help you?

Firmly aligned to each patient's needs

Mary Lo is one of the most highly accredited and respected orthodontists who is working within London today. Mary Lo’s primary aim is to make sure that every patient of hers gets her absolute, undivided attention and focus when seeking out her orthodontic expertise. She believes that every patient she treats presents her with a unique set of challenges and is happy to offer them expert level teeth straightening in Marylebone.

It is her job, Mary Lo believes, to use her extensive skill set to re-build each patient's smile to the best possible version of itself. Anyone who requires orthodontic help within the W1 area should look into whether or not Mary Lo is available if they are looking for the best possible care and devotion within the city. Not only does Mary Lo operate out of her own private clinic in W1 on 44 Wimpole Street, but she is also a highly respected consultant orthodontist at the hospital of Chelsea and Westminster and therefore is able to confer with some of the top practitioners and work closely alongside them to give her patient's the absolute best in orthodontic care.

Discover all Mary Lo can do for you

Mary Lo specialises in complex facial dysmorphia as well as apnea which is induced by sleep. She is also a fully accredited installer of many cosmetic orthodontic alternatives to conventional braces - such as the Incognito Lingual Bracket System as well as the Invisalign retainer system. These have become massively sought after over recent years due to their ability to transform the aesthetics of a pattern smile and correct misaligned teeth - without leaving a negative impact on patients outward aesthetic as conventional fixed braces often do. By seeking out the orthodontic services of Mary Lo, patients can be sure that she will assess their smiles, listen to their needs, orthodontic aims and work closely alongside them to create a treatment plan which meets all of these aims in a timely and efficient manner.

What is Invisalign?

Over the years, conventional orthodontic braces have somewhat fallen out of fashion, largely because of the impact which they have on how patients look whilst undergoing treatment. Invisalign is an alternative method of dental realignment which has no impact on a patient's appearance and does not need anything to be attached to a patient's teeth. Rather, the dental alignment is carried out by a custom-fitted plastic retainer which uses pressure points to move the appropriate teeth into their correct space. As these retainers are made from transparent, thin plastics they slip out of vision entirely when they are worn over the patient's teeth. This method of dental alignment is now one of the most popular across the globe - particularly within the demographic of teenagers or young adults. If you are interested in realigning your smile through more cosmetic means, then simply speak to Mary Lo or another one of our practices here at The Orthodontists and we can begin to make sure that you get the appropriate care you need.