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Looking After Your Dental Braces at Christmas

Looking After Your Dental Braces at Christmas

There’s no doubt that Christmas is the season of eating. Every event features a platter of irresistible treats and we are easily tempted to indulge.

This year we want to share a few tricks and tips on how to maintain excellent care for your dental braces without missing out on all the holiday fun:

Indulge in the Right Foods
Despite the temptations around you, remember not to go overboard with sugary snacks and drinks. Indulging too much in sweets, wine and fizzy drinks can stain your braces and erode teeth enamel.

Your Christmas dinner, however, can be enjoyed by both you and your teeth thanks to some tooth-friendly elements. Turkey contains phosphorus which – just like calcium – can help strengthen our teeth. Cheese is also another holiday treat you can indulge in, as it helps to neutralise the effects of sugary, acidic foods and drinks.

Don’t Neglect Your Routine
Although Christmas can be a very busy time of year, this doesn’t mean you should drop your oral hygiene routine. Remember to brush with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day and follow up with flossing and mouth wash.

Do not rush your routine either. Enamel is weakened after consuming sugary and acidic food and beverages. Tiny particles of this enamel can be brushed away if you don’t wait at least an hour to brush after eating a meal. In the meantime, for fresher breath and to wash away any food stuck in your teeth, drink plenty of water.

Simple Moderation
Christmas can often be overwhelming with the amount of food we are surrounded by, causing many of us to not monitor our intake. Although there is nothing wrong with indulging at Christmas, you still need to keep your braces protected.

To avoid a build up of food in your braces, remember to chop your food into small pieces. To minimise how much sugar reaches your enamel, drink through a straw.

Avoid overly chewy foods – when the chocolates are being passed around, avoid the hard toffee chocolates as they can damage your braces, resulting in the need for an emergency appointment.

Pre-Christmas Preparation
Before we break up for Christmas, make sure you are well stocked up on everything you may need. This includes oral wax to prevent the uncomfortable feeling of brace wires chaffing and spare rubber bands for adjusting your bite and jaw position.

If you need to book an appointment for a pre-Christmas check-up, or to plan your appointments for the New Year please send us your enquiry here, or call our team on 020 7129 7878.