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National Smile Month: How to Maintain a Healthy Mouth

National Smile Month: How to Maintain a Healthy Mouth

National Smile Month is the longest and most successful oral health campaign in the UK. This year the focus is on how to promote and maintain a healthy mouth, between 13th May and 13 June 2019.

Living in a world where everyone is always running on a busy schedule, personal care can often be left at the backseat. However, it is extremely important that we identify a small amount of our valuable time to complete all the essential daily oral care.

In support of the National Smile Month, we would like to share a few tips in how to achieve a healthy mouth:


Establish a Dental Routine

Brushing twice for 2 to 3 minutes per session, is mandatory for a daily personal care routine.  It is important that you brush and clean all surfaces of your teeth.  All your teeth need to be cleaned equally whether they are situated at the front or back of our mouth.  Brushing allows you to clean away food debris that can contribute to plaque and tooth decay.

To assist with brushing, a fluoride toothpaste is essential. When shopping for your toothbrush, choose one with medium bristles, and replace it regularly at 3 to 4 months interval.

Interdental cleansing such as flossing will help to remove food debris between your teeth.  It will also help to clean the areas which routine toothbrush struggles to achieve.


Improve Your Diet

Foods and drinks with excessive sugar can cause tooth decay. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet is key to a healthy living and a healthy mouth. This should include a good portion of fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, protein and dairy products.

Although fruit juice and smoothies appear safe, it is recommended not to exceed one glass (150ml) per day.  This is because when fruits are juiced or blended, their natural sugars are released from their structure. The sugars can cause harm to your teeth.


Quit Bad Habits

Smoking is one of the worst habits for your teeth.  Besides staining your teeth and causes bad breath, it also increases the risk of gum disease and other serious health problems.

Enamel is important for the protection of your teeth from decay. However, excessive alcohol intake can cause tooth erosion. When enamel is damaged, filling may be required.

Research has shown that an individuals who have a high alcohol consumption and smoke will lead to a 38 times higher risk of developing mouth/oral cancer than individuals who do not.


Regular Dentist Appointments

Regular dental check will allow your dentist to monitor your oral health. During your appointment your dentist can check for potential health risks and provide advice to you.


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