Consultant Specialist Orthodontist with over 25 years' experience

Resolutions for a healthier mouth this year

Resolutions for a healthier mouth this year

With over 25 years of dental experience, Mary Lo treats patients of all ages who come to her with an array of oral health issues, ranging from tooth abnormalities and misalignment to cavities and other everyday problems. Mary provides a range of orthodontic options including braces in Marylebone.

While some patients are genetically predisposed to crooked teeth, other problems individuals have are self-induced, caused by a lack of diligence in adequately caring for teeth and gums.

At our practice, Orthodontist London, we educate adults and children alike about dental hygiene best practices for healthier teeth and a dazzling smile. And at the same time, as a dental clinic specialising in orthodontics, we make dream smiles attainable for everyone with braces.

From adopting more efficient teeth-cleaning techniques and learning to floss, to straightening your teeth, learn more about transforming your smile this year with braces in Marylebone.

Book regular dental appointments

When was your last trip to the dentist scheduled? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long.

Despite dentists recommending that their patients visit biannually, many people forget to book or actively avoid these appointments out of anxiety or fear.

Arrange your next visit before leaving our dental clinic if you’re a forgetful person with limited free time. We’ll send you reminders a week before your appointment with us via text or call.

Feeling nervous about seeing the dentist is a natural and shared experience. However, dental anxiety that stops you from seeing the dental practitioner altogether is problematic. Chat to us if avoidance behaviours are preventing you from getting the oral health care you need.

Kick the sugar habit

As dentists, we fight decay daily, which is damage caused by plaque turning sugar to acids. As plaque accumulates, issues like cavities and gum diseases occur.

One way to combat progressive dental decay is to cut back on how much sugar you consume. You can make small changes to your diet by switching from fizzy cool drinks and sugary chewing gum to a mouth-healthy diet consisting of fruit, vegetables, lean meats and other healthy foods that benefit your teeth.

Brush, clean and floss daily

More often than not, negligence is the primary cause of teeth degradation. Simply put, people don’t look after their teeth or don’t know how to.

Mary Lo will direct you on how to clean your teeth and floss correctly. She’ll also guide you on when you should brush your teeth and for how long.

Generally, most patients are advised to brush their teeth at least twice a day. However, braces-wearers should brush their teeth after every meal.

Consider braces

Braces aren’t just a tool for aesthetics, used to enhance smiles, but are beneficial in other ways. During your appointment with her, Mary Lo will discuss the positive health implications of straighter teeth and an improved bite.

There are only advantages to realigning your pearly whites. The primary one is that it’s easier to brush, clean and floss them, resulting in a reduction of cavities and periodontal diseases.

We offer various orthodontic devices customised to your unique issues and preferences. To determine the right course of treatment, we’ll assess your teeth using diagnostic photographs and X-rays, before assigning a bespoke treatment package.

Speak to Mary about braces in Marylebone today.