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Straight to the point of how teeth straightening in Marylebone can help your smile

Straight to the point of how teeth straightening in Marylebone can help your smile

Getting your smile back together

Here at Orthodontist London, our staff recognise that the past year has been one of few smiles - especially given the fact that getting help such as teeth straightening in Marylebone may have proven difficult over the national lockdown measures.

Now, however, we are delighted to inform all our patient's that our practitioners are back doing what they are renowned for - creating elegant, healthy, and beautiful looking smiles.

Why seek out teeth straightening in Marylebone?

Teeth straightening in Marylebone from us here at Orthodontist London provides you with far more than just an attractive smile.

When your teeth are properly aligned there are far fewer gaps and spaces for plaque and bacteria to form. This means that your breath is likely to smell fresher, and there is little risk of developing gum problems such as periodontal disease.

Those who live with badly shaped teeth however run the risk of bacteria and plaque developing into decay - which can cause your breath to smell bad (impacting your social life and dental health) and form into plaque or spread to the tooth root and become a gum infection or abscess.

This is why anybody out there who feels their tooth shape could do with some professional care from our practitioners should reach out to us here at Orthodontist London today and book a consultation.

What can Orthodontist London do for me?

At Orthodontist London we’ve always strived to offer our patient's the utmost standard of care and excellence in the orthodontic service we provide.

Over our years of service, we’ve found that the best way to do so is to adopt a patient-orientated stance whereby patients are treated as individuals, and every procedure we provide is tailored to meet the needs of the individual who is receiving it.

This is why we always begin every orthodontic treatment we offer with a friendly, informal, and informative chat or consultation. These are a great jumping-off point for a lot of patients as they give them a chance to tell our practitioners (in their own words and time) what they are hoping to get from their orthodontic treatment and what - if any - treatments they are interested in.

What sort of cosmetic orthodontics are available?

In recent years we’ve seen a steep rise in the number of patients who are interested in cosmetic orthodontics such as Invisalign or lingual braces.

Unlike traditional braces - which although highly effective are not the most discrete forms of orthodontics - these types of treatments have been specifically engineered to leave as little an impact as possible on a patient's aesthetics.

To find out if these sorts of treatments could be the answer you’ve been looking for to provide you with a healthier-looking, straighter smile - without impeding on how you look during treatment - the first step you should take is arranging a consultation.

In doing so, one of our friendly and highly trained practitioners can detail all that these treatments entail and take you through your customised orthodontic care one step at a time.