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What dental treatments are provided by Mary Lo?

What dental treatments are provided by Mary Lo?

It is the determined focus of Mary Lo and the dental and administration support teams at our dental practice to ensure that patients seeking braces in Marylebone receive the benefits of exceptional dental care. We strive to provide patients with the best patient experience that is based on our incomparable patient-centred philosophy.

In addition to our renowned quality service, patients can also expect a professional consultation with Mary Lo for a range of orthodontic treatments, from conventional teeth correcting treatments to aesthetically-focused teeth realignment treatments. We take a look at some of the reasons that favour our dental practice as a reputable choice for braces in Marylebone.

What sets Mary Lo apart in the orthodontics industry?

High on the list of top considerations when seeking a dental practitioner for orthodontic treatment is to look for relevant qualifications, practical experience, proven results and industry affiliations. At our dental practice, we meet every one of these requirements to an enviable degree.

Our orthodontist is well-respected in the field of orthodontics and has spent a considerable number of years in the practising of outstanding dental care. as well as providing braces in Marylebone We have a special interest in specific areas in dentistry including complex facial deformity, as well as obstructive sleep apnoea and can offer patients suffering from these conditions, the best possible treatment plans.

In our endeavours to ensure that patients benefit from successful orthodontic treatment, they are offered only the best treatment plans and forward-thinking orthodontic appliances available in the orthodontics market. Our dental practitioner has been endorsed to treat patients using acclaimed orthodontic systems like:

  • WIN Lingual System
  • Incognito Lingual Bracket System
  • Harmony System
  • Invisalign
  • Somnowell

We know that in as much as patients will need the services of a dental practitioner with the right set of credentials, patients also prioritise a patient-friendly dental practitioner. It is our opinion that we enjoy patient loyalty to an uncommon degree because of the friendliness and empathy of our dental practitioner. We don't just provide braces in Marylebone, we provide a personal service in Marylebone.

Seeing to a patient’s comfort is a top priority for us, which is why our dental practice offers a warm atmosphere and an attractive environment that favours relaxation and puts patients’ minds at ease.

Why is orthodontic treatment necessary

The field of orthodontics is devoted to correcting the functional and aesthetic problems associated with misaligned teeth. When on a teeth-correcting treatment plan the patient is required to wear an appliance, either a fixed ‘wire and brackets’ brace or removable aligner-like brace, that is specifically designed to align teeth correctly. No matter the device used, orthodontic treatment is able to effectively correct a range of problems such as crooked teeth, gaps in teeth and bad bites.

Patients may also be requested to consider orthodontic treatment to improve their oral health. Seeing that poor oral health is largely a result of the inability to clean crooked teeth effectively, correcting this problem through aligning teeth properly, can result in improved oral hygiene and better dental health.

Would you like a professional consultation with an experienced and highly qualified orthodontist? Please reach out to our administration support team at Orthodontist London.