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Your Options for Invisible Braces in 2019

Your Options for Invisible Braces in 2019

If you’re looking for a New Years resolution in 2019, make it to invest in better self-care and improving your self-confidence. For those with misaligned teeth, braces can do this for you. With guaranteed effective results, a straighter smile is sure to help you feel better about your appearance.

With so many treatment options available, follow our guide to decide which braces are best for you:

Ceramic Braces
Despite not being entirely invisible, clear braces including Ghost, Chic, Clarity Advance and Ovation C follow the structure of a traditional metal brace, but with clear brackets. This allows for a much more discreet appearance, while still providing effective results for realigned teeth.

Self-Ligating Ceramic Braces
With traditional ceramic braces, the elastic ties used to hold the arch-wire in place must be replaced regularly. With self-ligating ceramic braces, there is no need for any elastic ties as they feature a specialised clip for holding the arch-wire in position.

Not only can this provide a shorter treatment period, but it also reduces friction between the teeth and allows your teeth to move more freely.

Invisalign is one of the latest advancements in teeth straightening treatment. With the convenience of a custom made, removable aligner, it allows you to have more control during your treatment. Removable aligners allow for easier cleaning and the freedom to eat what you like, before simply placing each aligner back into position. Invisalign aligners are made from wafer thin, transparent medical grade plastic, so they are practically invisible to anyone other than you and your orthodontist.

Using 3D digital imaging technology based on initial scans of your teeth, your orthodontist can virtually present your predicted results to you before you even start your treatment.

Removable Braces
Removable braces for children are also available. The earlier dental issues are identified, this reduces the amount of treatment needed. Removable braces are gentle on baby teeth and show results within 6 to 9 months. During contact sports and cleaning they can easily be removed, while effectively treating minor tooth movements and correcting crossbites.

Incognito Lingual Bracket System
As an alternative to Invisalign, lingual bracket systems are fitted behind your teeth to keep them hidden. Incognito lingual systems are custom made for a bespoke fit for each tooth. Designed for maximum comfort and high quality results, no two brackets are the same.

With help of 3D digital Cad Cam Technology, your system will be fully customisable and the accuracy will be incomparable to other lingual systems. This also allows your incognito braces to be made 70% smaller than other choices to reduce their impact on your speech and tongue irritation.

WIN Lingual System
The WIN system is the latest development in made-to-measure lingual orthodontics. The system can be tailored to individual requirement, as we know no set of teeth are the same. This allows your teeth to straighten, for realigned smiles and greater confidence, while no one can see your braces.

The WIN Lingual System is suitable for all ages, adapts perfectly to the shape of your teeth and works just like conventional fixed braces.

Harmony Lingual System
Harmony Lingual Systems are entirely customised to your personal dental requirements and the shape of your teeth. This reduces the time spent making adjustments, for fast and effective results.

These often provide quicker treatment times, shorter check-up appointments and phenomenal results. Proprietary CAD/CAM technology provides accurate treatments for the best results and comfort. The self-ligating braces allow for greater control for your orthodontists during appointments, providing the best possible treatment experience for you.

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