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Upon completion of braces treatment, appliances are removed and the teeth polished. However the orthodontic treatment is certainly not complete. As the teeth are part of the body’s biological system, there can be a natural tendency for teeth to move once braces are removed.

This is termed “Orthodontic Relapse”. To guard against relapse occurring, it is extremely important that there is an understanding about the need for a retention phase of treatment immediately following removal of braces. This period of retention is critical to ensure that your teeth will look as good in years to come, as they do on the day your braces are removed. A retention program is individually tailored for each patient, which usually involves wearing either removable retainers and/or fixed wires. These retainers are designed simply to hold the teeth in place once braces are removed and are generally very simple to wear and maintain.

Keeping the retainers either in the mouth or in their case will avoid loss and/or damage. Be careful of putting retainers in your pocket where it might get misplaced or damaged. When your retainers are not being worn, they are best to be kept in a retainer box that you are supplied. This prevents pets such as dog from finding the retainers and causing damage.

*Video reference is British Orthodontic Society YouTube

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